BabyRiki's Adventure Box - WeChat and Event Promotion

The Adventure Box of BabyRiki is a collaboration with the new product launch of Lakto milk. The boxes come in 5 different engaging themes, which are aimed in catering young parents to educate their 3 - 6 years old children in a more fun and healthier way. Not only to have more bonding time, and the children will also feel encouraged and be rewarded as they go through each theme. Each box comes with an interactive storytelling section through both online and offline materials. 

For further engaging experiences, BabyRiki will also have more offline events for young children at pop-up events in the Summer. Not only will there be workshops, but also dancing in front of the interactive wall with the cartoon characters and a slide for diving into a kids-friendly ball pool.

My job as the Art Director was to guide the team on creating one cohesive brand and user experience, everything from art direction of the online and offline materials to the user flow of the e-commerce site on WeChat.

View the demo of E-Commerce Site here

(above) Creative and Art Directions of pop-up area: Candice Yeung. 3D Design: Lewis Chen

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