Whether you're saving for retirement, investing for your child's future or starting a new business, the right combination of investments can make all the difference. That's why at Ogilvy, we helped this client to build the presence stronger for different key life moments with the BlackRock Plan – a new way in building for what matters most.

For the campaign, I have done all the preparation work for the remote photo shoot in New York - everything from styling of the models, to the art direction of photography, as well as for the location shoot. The art directions were applied to different key life stages such as being an entrepreneur of his bakery business, a mother talking with her daughter about her retirement plan at the park and for making a side business vision as his full-time career. I have also managed visualisers to do all the storyboardings for the art direction for the photo shoots in New York. 

Watch the case study of the BlackRock digital OOH here

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