Chasing Your Dreams

14th May 2017

The true grit of being a brilliant designer is to keep chasing your dreams. But once I started working as a creative, it is getting harder to make my passion into something meaningful sometimes.

  • Embroidered Patch
  • Painting
  • DIY Present and Calligraphy
  • DIY Present and Calligraphy
  • Stop Animation
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Doing side projects are indeed helping me to be more comfortable in my own skin, and that confidence is helping me to produce better design work. They seem to have more depth and of my own unique flavours.


Stop Animation

Someone like Lucie Fink from Refinery 29 has inspired me that nothing is impossible as long as you believe in what you do. Fink was also wanting to try out on stop animation, so she has invested time and equipments. Stop animation is time consuming but it is quite satisfying once you have got it done. So for Christmas last year, I created a stop animation. It is called More Christmas (, and it was fun and all the recipients loved watching it. So it is time to push a few more out later this year!


DIY Presents and Calligraphy

I like to do DIY presents for friends, as a token of appreciation of friendships. So recently, I have made a 3D Birthday Card for a friend, and spray-painted a basketball along with some handwritten calligraphy on it. A gift that speaks much of what my friend likes and the words on it are becoming more meaningful than before.


I was getting sick of working on digital work, so I decided to paint my hand for this year’s Chinese New Year card earlier this year. This side project worked out really well.

Iron-on Embroidered Patch

Do not underestimate of the support from good friends. Their encouragements really lift me up in what I believe in. I always have some random crazy ideas and thanks to my friend, Hillary, she told me to go and do what I believe in. Eventually, my first embroidered patch was born! It is a patch that is designed for a much colourful and fun group at my church. The patch represents that nothing can dim the light shining from within.

Being Thankful

I am thankful for my gift and I want to use it in more meaningful ways. Hopefully it will land me on some awesome collaborations like having my work being exhibited at a cafe or to work with brands that feel my style will work for their brands.

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