Girls Can Code

For keeping the creative well-being, it is time to train and flex that muscle in coding!

This week, we are celebrating all the wonderful humans this International Women’s Day on 8th March. It is also time to close the gender gap in tech, and to change the game by encouraging more female designers to code.

To tell you a little story, I have the curiosity in front-end coding since I was a teenager. This curiosity has made me to be a better creative to collaborate with, as well as on having a more diverse perspective on life. Being able to code, allows me to be more innovative in what I do. By being a coder, this also empowers the introvert me. This is a movement needs to keep growing, like nobody is going to stop you for it.

An inspiring story is of an 84-year-old bank retiree, Masako, and she realized that her biggest passion was in tech. So, she self-taught herself in coding and built an online community and coded an app for seniors to use. In Japan, people have longer life expectancy, and the rate of senior experiencing isolation is high. IBM in Japan stepped into support and worked closely with Masako to develop an application called “Second Life”, which utilizes the AI to suggest jobs that are suitable for the seniors, and to help them to gain more passions in life after retirements.^

My motto is “Be curious like a Cat”, and to demonstrate how nice the rendering of how coding can enhance the design and online experience, here is a demo of my CSS-coded animation that I did with CodePen, a social development community for front-end designers and developers.

Here is the video of the CSS-coded animation:

For creating better UX and optimization of the digital experience, SVG and CSS animations are the way to go for the modern web community, as their formats are light and work fast for the scalability and interactivity of the digital ecosystem.

Using SVG are also a good practice of sustainability, it loads much smaller file sizes, and can reduces up to 200% than JPG and PNG formats. As SVG runs in vector format, so it has no problems in maintaining the best quality of your work.#

I will encourage all to give coding a try, it is great for your creative well-being and to keep your brain cells cranking. If you are interested to learn coding, there are a few communities that you can join:

Black Girls Code

Code with Google

Preface Coding


While my well-being index can have some ups and downs, but I remain optimistic about the future. I am happy to work for lululemon, a company that is proactive in having a holistic approach to the well-being aspects of social, mental, and physical. ∞ While life seems to be tough during this pandemic age, but that’s not an excuse to stop you from being a better self. So, take some time to celebrate yourself and others this International Women’s Day!


^ “Second Life” of IBM (2020)

# “Why use SVG animations” by svgator

“Returning to the workplace drives higher well-being but with new expectations”, Fortune (2022)

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