lululemon - 11.11 Digital Sales Campaign

11.11 is the biggest digital sales period in Q4, and it was the first time last year to use 11.11 for sale promotion for lululemon. 

This allows communications to be more direct since it's a widely known online shopping festival in Asia. Guests can easily relate this to a sale. 

The design concept used for last year was fun, bold and to the point. The number '11.11' are visually dynamic for a bold and colourful statement. This was done to make the sales event loud and clear. The enlarged '1' pattern in the background anchors the KV while the scrolling black text in the foreground drives anticipation and action. 

KV comes in different colours, catering to phases of the markdown. The colourful frames were also easily adaptable for multiple platforms. 

You can view the 11.11 digital sale campaign in action here.

You can also view my other video and animation work here.

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