Being creative is about social innovation, and this requires much curiosity and collaborations. I have had the opportunities to design something that encourage guests to live a more sustainable lifestyle, to have better product recommendations, and to also enjoy their guest experiences at the stores.

To increase the visibility within the billboard landscape in Tokyo and Osaka, a multi-location OOH spots at each prefecture for the Hike collection campaign were selected to create a higher exposure of the collection and for the brand to catch the attention of the local market.

As Japan has a mature social market, so a social video of the digital OOH and of the 1st collection of lululemon Hike was also made to create more awareness of the collection and of the brand. 


Watch the social video on Instagram of the Hike Collection and the Digital OOH in Tokyo here.

For social reels on product promotions, we further collaborated with video editors to shoot and to animate the product transitions within the social reels.

Watch the animated social reels here - Social Reel #1 | Social Reel #2


To create a more prominent brand and product awareness with a semi-neon manifesto at the window of the flapship store.

Knowing what to recommend is important, so a pocket size of lululemon’s pants guide for internal use was born. As the pants at lululemon are all about the feels and technical. When knowledge meets design, it will give a more compelling storytelling experience. The pants guide became a handy and useful tool for the educators at the Asia stores in recommending our guests of what the pants are and what to pair with.

This pant guide was launched and translated into different languages for all of the Asia markets.

With the tram wrap advertisement of the Jacket and Outerwear campaign, it was a success in bringing more product and brand awareness as the tram travelled through the whole Hong Kong island.

For the new store openings, there will be always a chance to drive more traffic and by creating community-driven specials such as a special edition shirt, that can resonate with local guests and for others to know that this is a Hong Kong specific.

To start 2022 with a great spirit, lululemon in the Asia regions would like to encourage people to partcipate the 21-day sweat challenge with a tracker on Instagram, and to set a goal and to track the progress with some fun #thesweatlife animated GIFs in the run, train, meditation and yoga categories.

The tracker also allows people to express on setting an goal for their sweat life. This can be a great motivation for themselves and for those who read their well-being declaration. 

View the demo of how to track your sweat progress

The animated GIFs stickers can also be used for adding interesting themes to your Instagram stories. 

After the COVID-19 restrictions has been loosen up in Hong Kong. lululemon is back to support the local sweat and wellness communities. The goal is to keep a healthy lifestyle after the third wave of COVID-19. When people sweat, they need to hydrate. I have then suggested a partnership with the free water refill stations company called Urban Spring. And this will also encourage guests to go plastic free with the water bottle packaging. We also embrace diversity with our communities, so I have created characters from different backgrounds.

The Sweat Map project was also expanded to the Macao market. Macao had a marathon last December, and the lululemon stores there wanted to use the New Year sweat map challenge to open to more guests from all walks of life, and keep encouraging them to sweat and to explore the city through the local studios and curated Strava running route by their ambassador. 

For motivating the guests to finish the Sweat Map Challenge with a bang, guests who have completed all challenges, will received a goodie bag after collecting all the sweat magnets from each challenge.

Previously lululemon gave an impression of a female-dominant brand, and Korea created The Mantra Club, a men's influencer gathering. It was aiming to inspire and to cultivate a better sweat life in Korea and beyond. It was fun to collaborate with the local team there on the branding and marketing materials for The Mantra Club.


I felt that lululemon is the right place to grow my career, so I made a stop animation over night after my interview with my manager. I sent it back as an appreciation email for the time that she has given me to connect.

Watch the full stop animation here

You can also view my other video and animation work here.

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