NOC Coffee Co. X lululemon
X Hypebeast

Product innovation gives a fresher brand experience.

Through the "Made to Move" lululemon pants campaign, I initiated a brand partnership between lululemon, the athleisure brand and the popular local roastery, NOC COFFEE CO. The lululemon blend, a limited edition of dark roast drip coffee was born to give a good caffeine boost through the purchase of lululemon pants. The customised blend was slightly bold, and inspired by the active lifestyle of the urban explorers. 

A lookbook collaboration of the Made To Move pants collection was also curated and published by Hypebeast, the fashion media company, to give guests some OOTD inspirations.

The coffee box design is to look premium and to be well-integrated within the NOC cafe store environment. The use of colours and the bottom sharp edge of the black sticker are to tell this blend is a dark roast and that it will give you an edge with the good caffeine kick.

The lululemon blend coffee was also well-received by the guests at the PR launch at the Mercury Street cafe store of NOC Coffee Co., and the guests were also able to feel rejuvenate after the coffee workshop, meditation and to also check out how the pants products are great for their everyday moves.

Thank you to Keen, Jess and lululemon for allowing me to propose this coffee collaboration idea to NOC Coffee Co., and for making this happened! It was a dream collaboration of all time! Also appreciate NOC Coffee Co. for working with us as it is a great cafe space where coffee meets design. 

The event was held at the NOC Coffee Co store and invited guests to have an immersive customer experience of Made To Move - all were able to experience the lululemon pants, the OOTD inspirations from the look book, the lululelmon blend coffee and workshop along with a meditation breathing workshop by the ambassador. 

Product Photography by Josiah Yu.

Sharings by guests and lululemon on Instagram.

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